A new Guinness World Record has been set in Dublin for the most Irish coffees made in three minutes.

The record was made as part of International Irish Coffee Day on Saturday 25th January at the Old Storehouse Temple Bar as four bartenders went head to head for the title.

The event was organised by Hi Spirits Ireland and Paddy Irish Whiskey was used for the coffees. Previously, Irish coffees have been used for a number of world records such as the World’s Largest Irish Coffee which stands at 234 gallons, and for the most Irish coffees sold in a day which was 2,223 in San Francisco, but this was the first attempt at creating Irish coffees in a specific time limit.

Paddy Courtney, comedian and actor, recently known for his role in Channel 4’s Brassic, Safe and A Bump Along The Way, hosted the event. Rory McGee, The Shelbourne, Cork; Jane Meehan, Russels Saloon, Dundalk; Séamus Óg Birt, Me & Mrs Jones, Portstewart Derry; Sean Whelan, Café en Seine, Dublin; and Max McPherson, Bootleggers, Belfast; all took part in the competition.

The overall winners was Rory McGee, who made no less than 49 Irish coffees in three minutes.

Rory McGee said: “I’m so proud to have won a Guinness World Record, everybody loves an Irish coffee and what better way to celebrate it than to make history with it.“

George Roberts, Country Manager with Hi Spirits Ireland, said: “The Irish coffee is renowned around the world but it might be the most underutilised cocktail in Ireland. It is a drink of which we as Irish people can be proud. If you go into any bar or restaurant worldwide and ask for an Irish coffee, chances are you will get some form of mixture of coffee, Irish whiskey, & cream.”

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