Wilde Irish Gin, a new premium gin brand co-founded by Stuart Hall, Victor Burke and Conor Quinn, has launched in Ireland.

The gin is comprised of ten botanicals including juniper, whole limes, angelica, coriander leaf, bitter orange peel and wild mountain Irish heather. The striking, book-shaped bottle comes with a cap made to resemble Wilde’s cane, and was designed by Stranger & Stranger.

Stuart Hall explained: “Creating a gin that is new and different is a rare experience. When you get it right it’s truly noteworthy. We’ve approached it with the consummate art of carefully selected botanicals and distilling gin of exceptional balance and flavour. Distilled by hand in small batches with two copper pot stills to ensure a level of quality that can only result from a Master Distiller’s intuition. We’re no shrinking violets as you can see from our iconic bottle, right through to our drinks philosophy which is gin classics with a Wilde twist.”

Conor Quinn added: “A huge amount of time and dedication has gone into creating this gin. Many of the new white spirits in Ireland today are distilled by companies whilst they wait for their whiskey to mature. Gin is our one and only focus, with Wilde Irish Gin having been created with all of the care and patience of a huge theatrical production. Nothing was left to chance, the development of the liquid took almost one year to perfect, with specialists flying in from California to work with our Irish distiller to evoke the global flavour that we were searching for.”

Wilde Irish Gin is available in select bars, restaurants and hotels across the country such as House on Leeson St and will be available to purchase in-store from L. Mulligan Whiskey Shop and online from Drinkstore. Further nationwide on-trade and retail outlets to follow.

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