Sprezzatura, the Dublin-based Italian-inspired restaurant group, has announced a partnership with Wicklow Wolf, with a selection of beers and ales now pouring in both their Camden Market and Rathmines locations.

Served by the pint starting at €5.95, diners can expect to enjoy three Wicklow Wolf beers including:

  • Arcadia: a smooth, refreshing lager with a hint of sweetness and spice
  • Moonlight: a non-alcoholic lager brewed with specialty malts and an abundance of juicy hops
  • Tundra: an IPA dry-hopped with a massive amount of tropical hops

The beers pair with Sprezzatura’s new, locally sourced menu especially any one of the four new Arancini flavours, the Wexford Tomato and Littlecress Basil Bruschetta and the Fettuccine with duck and blonde ragu.

Sprezzatura and Wicklow Wolf both have a focus on Irish ingredients where at all possible and have implemented a number of measures to reduce their carbon footprint. For Wicklow Wolf this has meant a switch from glass bottles to cans as well as the use of renewable energy in their new brewery. Sprezzatura is a paperless business with a commitment to benefiting the community through various collaborations, most recently with Dublin Simon, and Hometree, their dedicated reforestation partner which allows customers to offset their environmental impact by planting a tree with every meal.

Located at 5/6 Camden Market, Grantham St, Dublin 8 and 221-223 Rathmines Road Lower Sprezzatura is open every day from 12pm.

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