If you are hoping to experience the thrills and the adrenaline of the gambling world, then visiting the capital of Ireland is a great decision. 

A large portion of the Irish population choose gambling as their hobby so it makes sense that there are elegant and impressive venues hosting the best gambling you can get in all of the country, that offer a break from the popular online casino sites.

Whether it is casinos that you wish to visit for the roulette board and card games, or rather horse racing tracks for some sport events to put a flutter on, or even bingo halls that you can enjoy your night in, Dublin has it all and you will not leave disappointed.

Legality of casinos in Ireland

Technically, casinos are illegal in Ireland. It makes Ireland seem like an odd choice for venues to gamble in if casinos are the most frequent choice for venue and they are illegal. 

There is a loophole however in which casinos can still operate. Instead of being casinos, they declare themselves to be casinos and card clubs or something to that effect, which means that they are private clubs with members, and as such gambling is not illegal in such establishments. 

The loophole is the fact that they open their membership to everyone above the age of eighteen, and membership happens to be totally free. This means that people just need to sign up for free with their ID and they are free to gamble. 

Whilst this may make the law seem pointless, it does allow for more responsible gambling. Needing to sign up means that the decision has to be taken a little bit more seriously, and there is a record of them as well, so it is a win win situation. 

Now, onto the list which is in no particular order and features some of the most popular venues to gamble in all of the Irish capital. 

The Sporting Emporium Casino

This first casino claims to offer Dublin’s premier casino experience and it is clear to see why. The Sports Emporium Casino, right in the heart of Dublin just off Grafton Street is beautifully decorated and it is no understatement to describe it as luxurious. 

They offer a decent variety of live games. These include roulette and blackjack as the most common game, but you can also play Brag, Punto Banco, Sic Bo and even poker, which is not always offered in casinos. 

If you play, you can enjoy complimentary beverages which is the kind of touch that shows that the casino is valuing the customer’s enjoyment of the evening as more important to the casino than the money that they would gain from selling the drinks. 

It is open every night from six in the evening to six in the morning, which gives you a lot of leeway when you choose to visit. It is also as welcoming to professionals as total novices and beginners and is an overall extremely pleasant experience. 

Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club

Declaring itself to be Dublin’s favourite casino and pointing to its reputation as Dublin’s friendliest club, Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club is a very decent choice for a venue to gamble at when you are in Dublin. 

Another casino, Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club concentrates a lot more on poker than other casinos whilst still offering blackjack and roulette. 

It is located on Lower Fitzwilliam Street and within walking distance of most hotels and major attractions. Like the Sporting Emporium, it is open for twelve hours a day, from 6PM to 6AM. 

It offers Poker cash games from 6:30 in the evening and Texas Hold Em tournaments on a daily basis, so it can definitely add Home of Dublin’s Poker to its long list of credentials. 

If any of your group is looking to play poker, then this venue will be within the best choices in all of Dublin. 

Playland Casino

Playland Casino is Ireland’s first electronic casino. It is located on Talbot Street near the City Centre and open from 10:00 to 1:00 every night except for Thursdays and Fridays, when it is open for an extra hour. 

Playland Casino offers its customers the best electronic experience they could hope to receive in Dublin. It has the latest state of the art machines for video poker, slots and in touch bet roulette. 

They continue to regularly receive more games and slots, so there should always be something new to do at the Playland Casino. Drinks and snacks are complimentary, which is always a nice touch, but it is the variety of options at your disposal that sets this casino apart from others.

 The customer support is excellent, and even on the floor with the most slots in all of Ireland, you will not be waiting for a member of the help team for long, and usually they should be able to resolve any issues you might have been experiencing. 

Overall, Playland Casino is a luxurious casino where you can expect the best electronic games to gamble on in all of Ireland. Make sure you remember to take breaks as it can be difficult to keep track of time, and always remember to gamble carefully. 

Leapordstown Raceourse

The first non-casino on the list, Leapordstown is perfect for those who fancy watching and wagering on horse racing. There are various races and events at this venue, and it is always a lovely day out for those attending. 

Most of the time, the dress code will be smart, as people like to dress up to go and see horse racing. Bear this in mind and make an effort to have an appropriate outfit and lean into the fun of the races. 

If you are visiting Ireland with someone who does not really like gambling, this could be your best chance and even the horse names provide a decent amount of entertainment. 

It is located just outside of Dublin and it offers world class racing. A lot of the best jockeys in the world are Irish, and many horses are bred in Ireland as well so the quality of racing on offer can not be questioned. 

Jack Pott’s Bingo 

The first thing you need to know about this venue is that it probably was not founded by a man called Jack Pott. Fortunately, it is a bingo and is usually open from 12:30 to 23:00 most days. 

It is on the Star Crumlin Kildare Road, which is within walking distance of most hotels. There are two other sister locations so there will likely be one near to wherever your accommodation is. 

It is perfect for those who wish to have a less competitive night of gambling than poker, blackjack or horse racing but still want to have a fun night at a lovely venue. The venues are very open to novices and those who have never played before and the atmosphere is very friendly. 

Each venue has its own state of the art amusement room, and apparently there are some world exclusive games at these venues, although this is not confirmed to be true. 

Honourable Mentions

4 Kings Casino & Card Club is a recommended venue for your gambling in Dublin. It is based in Swords and set in very comfortable surroundings. It is not perfect for total beginners, but those are used to this sort of venue will feel very at home. 

There are plenty of tournaments for players to enter, and whilst it may not have the mystique of some other casinos on this list, it is a very decent choice of place for your gambling desires. 

Located only five minutes from Dublin city centre, the D1 Club is a premier Members Club Casino that claims to offer some of the most exciting games and best food in Dublin, while also throwing a healthy number of freebies along the way. 

There is an international level of service brought by the help team, and the poker club is equally as developed as the blackjack tables, roulette wheels and video slots. It is a thrilling vibe that you can instantly experience when you walk in, but you can still feel relaxed in the pleasant surroundings. 

Macau Casino is situated in the centre of Dublin. It offers card games, roulette and electronic games over three floors. The staff are friendly and will help you out with any of the problems you may encounter at heir facilities. The decoration is pleasant and luxurious, and it is among the best casinos in Dublin. 

Further gambling venues that you could want to visit in Dublin and that each have their own charm are Carlton Casino Club, Empire Casino and Funland Casino. 

Wherever you may go, you will find that you will be warmly welcomed, as venues in Dublin have all put an emphasis on providing an enjoyable customer service.

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