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“We’ve Lost a Valuable Friday” – Nick Munier Highlights Good Friday Alcohol Ban

Good Friday is a tough day for restaurants, says Munier.

Pichet co-owner and MasterChef presenter Nick Munier has highlighted Ireland’s Good Friday laws which ban the general sale of alcohol, saying the best his award-winning restaurant can hope is “For is an evening on which we don’t lose money”.

Speaking exclusively to, the well known restaurant manager said “For businesses like ours, the Good Friday thing is a real hit”.

Under current Irish law it has been illegal to sell alcohol on Good Friday since 1927 with a few exceptions applying to hotels and theatres.  You can find more information here.

For busy restaurateurs like Nick Munier, such an archaic law can have a huge impact on their business.  “First, it robs us of one of the most important nights of the week,” said Munier when asked what are the major issues associated with the trade ban.  “Second, many people will stay away and third, those that do come cannot buy drink.

“The best I can hope for is an evening on which we don’t lose money. Certainly we’ll struggle to make a profit and we’ve lost a valuable Friday”.

Ultimately, it all adds up to a difficult trading position for most restaurants who often rely heavily on alcohol sales to cut a profit.  Many choose to close on Good Friday rather than run up loses on the day as a result.

Munier suggests that Ireland could fall in line with the UK, where the Easter holiday is observed on the Monday.  “This is interesting,” said the Hell’s Kitchen maitre d’, “That wouldn’t hurt us so much.”

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