Unilever Food Solutions has launched a resource aimed at helping promote, monitor and maintain cognitive health within the nursing home community.

The Life Stories activity pack aims to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of older people living in residential care by enabling them to document and share their lives with others through fun and engaging activities.

Tadhg Daly, Chief Executive of Nursing Homes Ireland, believes that Life Stories is a positive tool that will add to the creative engagement that is daily within nursing homes.

“We’re delighted to see Unilever Food Solutions providing a resource that will prove engaging, educational and also fun for residents in nursing home care. It will no doubt play a role in supporting the dedicated staff in nursing homes who are enhancing the wellbeing of residents in their care.”

“Creative activity and reminiscence therapy are pivotal within nursing homes to assist the physical and cognitive wellbeing of persons living within them. I commend and congratulate Unilever Food Solutions for developing this resource that will complement the holistic care provided within the home from home settings that are nursing homes.”

Jim Reeves, Customer Director of Unilever Food Solutions says: “We’re really proud of Life Stories but most of all we’re proud of what it’s trying to achieve. We’ve worked closely with our partners, to help design a resource pack that can not only help nursing staff monitor their resident’s health, but can hopefully trigger happy memories that residents can share together and enjoy.”

The Life Stories pack is filled with a set of aquapaints, a historic trivia quiz, game ideas, nostalgic adverts from iconic Unilever food brands, as well as case study challenges to encourage residents to recall happy early and mid-life memories.

Mark McCarthy, Unilever’s Business Development Chef has also designed a number of tasty and nutritional recipe ideas for chefs working in nursing homes. The recipes include Irish stew, lamb shops with parsley sauce and Irish whiskey cake.

To learn more about Life Stories and how you can order a pack today, please visit www.unileverfoodsolutions.ie.

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