Kylie Minogue Wines has introduced the latest two wines in its portfolio: the Signature Sauvignon Blanc and the Signature Merlot.

Both the Sauvignon Blanc and the Merlot complete the Kylie Minogue Wines’ Signature Range, which also includes the popular and best-selling Signature Rosé, debuted in May.

The Signature Sauvignon Blanc originates from Gascony, in the south-west of France, and is described as carrying a fresh and lively nose of lime blossom and gooseberry, whilst zesty and crisp on the palate.

The Signature Merlot features grapes grown in the Pays d’Oc region in the south of France, and is described as delivering a nose of ripe bramble fruits and cherries with a finish of plums and spice.

The Kylie Minogue Wines’ Signature Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot are available exclusively in Ireland on and Carry Out Off Licences at an RRP of €12.99.  The Irish distributor is Barry & Fitzwilliam.

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