American TV host Jimmy Kimmel was in for a shock recently, convinced that actor Colin Farrell was pulling a prank over the name of Farrell’s favourite takeaway, Abrakebabra.

Farrell appeared on Kimmel’s late night TV show in late march, on the promotion trail for his latest film Dumbo. Asked what his favourite spot was when he returned to Ireland, 42 year-old Farrell professed his love for the popular fast food chain. “I have a kebab shop that I go to, a place called Abrakebabra that’s getting great press,” he said.

Kimmel burst into laughter, saying “Oh come on, that’s really a name?”

Farrell replied: “It’s a cultural flagship in my country man, it’s a huge franchise.”

He then revealed that he is the proud owner of an Abrakebabra gold card, claiming to be the first person to receive the honour, and that he hasn’t paid for a kebab in five years. “Bono has one now, I doubt [Bono] uses it. I doubt there’s any other creature pathetic enough to use it. I use it — I haven’t paid for a kebab in five years,” he said on the show.

The actor then revealed that Abrakebabra is releasing a black card, saying: “They’re now inventing a black card, I got a text this week.”

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