Trimfold Envelopes has launched the Sanilope – a sanitised cutlery envelope developed to keep cutlery safe and hygienic in all hospitality and catering settings as a defence against the challenges of COVID 19, so diners can be assured that their cutlery is clean and safe to use.

With the onset of COVID 19, Trimfold Envelopes faced the same downturn in business experienced throughout the economy as their customers around the country shut their doors. The idea behind the Sanilope was to utilise the company expertise in envelope manufacture to come up with a product that provided a defence against COVID 19 for the hospitality and catering industry and develop new business for the company.

Eugene Healy, Trimfold Envelopes MD, explained: “As the restaurants and hotels began to gradually open up, I myself still felt a bit uncomfortable going back into restaurants and the idea of cutlery sitting on the table, and as a consumer wouldn’t it be good to know and feel assured that your cutlery is safely sealed in a sanitised envelope?”

Trimfold Envelopes worked on several prototypes and trialled different sizes before arriving at the final product. The paper used to manufacture the Sanilope is treated with a sanitizing solution during the Sanilope manufacturing process and the final products are packed into cartons which are also sanitized by an operative wearing full PPE to ensure the integrity of the product is maintained. All manufacturing takes place in the Trimfold Envelopes plant in Trim, Co. Meath.

The Sanilope is manufactured from white 120 gram sustainable PEFC-certified paper and is large enough to hold knives, forks, spoons, condiment sachets and paper napkins. The sanitised coating also means that whilst enjoying their meal, diners can safely store their masks inside the SanilopeTM instead of leaving them on a table, which is good for patrons and hospitality workers alike.

The Sanilope is available both off the shelf or as a bespoke item, when it can be printed with client branding.

Established in 1971 and located in the heritage town of Trim, Co. Meath, Trimfold Envelopes are Ireland’s largest envelope manufacturer and manufacture envelopes for all areas of Irish business, both private and public sector.

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