Tourism, Heritage and Rural Recreation Officers from Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands region recently received certificates for completing Fáilte Ireland’s Regional Tourism Management Programme.

The programme, which kicked off in November 2018, aimed to ensure that Fáilte Ireland and the Local Authorities can work side by side to build the Hidden Heartlands brand, and attract visitors to the region’s natural and cultural assets and attractions.

The programme was facilitated by Fáilte Ireland specialists, international consultants and other experienced and recognised industry leaders in tourism. Participants who completed the course are now equipped to generate new ideas for tourism projects, improve how they approach and plan for capital investment, and better engage with local communities.

Mark McGovern, Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands Manager at Fáilte Ireland, said: “Following the launch of the regional experience brand in April last year, our focus now is on working closely with partners, industry and communities in the area to develop the top-class visitor experiences that will be key to the success of the initiative.”

Helen McDaid, Manager, Enterprise and Hospitality Supports at Fáilte Ireland, said: “The Regional Tourism Management Programme covered a wide range of practical topics such as marketing, project management, experience development and community and industry activation. The benefits of such an initiative are long term – helping counties to work together and collaborate on the Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands regional experience brand.”

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