Tourism Ireland has teamed up with TomTom to launch a new campaign aimed at promoting driving holidays in Northern Ireland.

The Slow Road campaign will target millions of travellers in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries.

The promotion with TomTom is one element of Tourism Ireland’s Slow Road campaign. The campaign will encourage ‘culturally curious’ holidaymakers in those countries to take the ‘slow road’ and to come and discover the Causeway Coastal Route by car this autumn.

Activity with TomTom will include a dedicated Causeway Coastal Route section on the TomTom website and on the various language versions of Tourism Ireland’s website, European bloggers and influencers will be invited by Tourism Ireland to visit and to use the TomTom RoadTrips platform (which helps travellers discover road trips) on their drive along the Causeway Coastal Route. Finally, a one-page article about the Causeway Coastal Route will appear in the October edition of Traveller, the easyJet inflight magazine which is read by millions of easyJet passengers.

The campaign will highlight some of the reasons to visit in the off-season months – including scenery and landscapes, rich heritage and culture, Game of Thrones filming locations, as well as Ireland’s culinary offering.

“Tourism Ireland is delighted to partner with RoadTrips by TomTom, as part of our new ‘Slow Road’ campaign,” said Finola O’Mahony, Tourism Ireland’s Head of Europe. “We’re highlighting holidays in Northern Ireland during the off-peak season and encouraging travellers across Mainland Europe to come and discover the Causeway Coastal Route by car. We aim to take advantage of late booking trends, as there is still plenty of business to play for between now and the end of 2019.”

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