Tourism Ireland is collaborating with Lonely Planet in the US for a new promotional campaign, which includes a visit by American travel bloggers Cameron Seagle and Natasha Alden to Galway.

The campaign is part of Lonely Planet’s Pathfinders programme, which involves inviting bloggers, photographers, videographers and digital influencers to visit a destination and produce videos, photos and articles, for Lonely Planet and for the bloggers’ own channels – cross-promoting each other’s work.

Cameron and Natasha’s website is called The World Pursuit and they also have a strong presence on social media. As part of their visit to Galway, they attended the International Oyster Festival.

The Tourism Ireland partnership with Lonely Planet includes a video filmed in Galway for The World Pursuit YouTube channel, three Facebook Live sessions on the Lonely Planet Facebook page, and highlights from each day of the visit on Cameron and Natasha’s Instagram stories.

“Blogs and social media are playing an increasingly important role in the planning process among US travellers, so Tourism Ireland is delighted to work with Lonely Planet to highlight Galway and its International Oyster Festival,” said Alison Metcalfe, Tourism Ireland’s Head of North America.

Alison continued: “Last year, we welcomed a record 1.83m visitors from North America to the island of Ireland. The growth momentum continues in 2018, with latest CSO figures indicating an increase of over 13% in visitors from the US and Canada for the January to August period.”

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