It’s the season for spiked eggnog and this year why not try something different than the traditional rum.

Tequila, and mezcal especially, has become increasingly popular in 2022 so it’s a great idea to round out this category growth with these holiday cocktail ideas.

For eggnog with a spicy kick, add a splash of Ancho Reyes Verde Chilli Liqueur to your drink for a vibrant iteration on a classic. The Ancho Reyes Verde flavors of fresh-cut green chilies, grilled pineapple and smoke, punch up your glass with a herbaceous taste that complements the various flavors of a quality eggnog.

Looking for an option with a tequila twist? Simply add Espolón Añejo Tequila to a cold glass of ‘nog for a tasty treat. Aged tequila paired with the spices in the eggnog make for a complex flavored cocktail made easy with deep notes of caramel, vanilla, dried fruit, and chocolate.

For the bold and smoky, eggnog also pairs well with Montelobos Mezcal, which boasts various flavors of earthy greens, nuts, spices, and fruits making for a smoky sipper this holiday season.

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