Jameson Irish Whiskey and actor producer Regina Hall are encouraging fans to take their hard-earned time off – St. Patrick’s Day Time Off (SPTO) that is – so they can enjoy the best day of the year on March 17.

But many of us know all too well that wanting to take the day off from work and actually taking the day off isn’t always as easy as it seems. PTO guilt is real and the unfortunate reality is, most Americans will log on during their time off.

That’s why the brand, with Regina Hall, is introducing the Jameson Desk Decoy, a limited edition, personalized and life-size cardboard replica of yourself designed to “stand in” for you at work jusssst in case your boss comes-a-calling. With the Jameson Desk Decoy in place, the real you can turn your attention to more pressing matters, like enjoying a Jameson and Ginger with friends at the bar, guilt-free.

Starting today, fans 21+ are able to purchase their very own Jameson Desk Decoy on JamesonSPTO.com for an SRP of $17.80 plus tax to ensure they can enjoy St. Patrick’s Day without any interruption. All proceeds will go to RWCF.

In a cheeky skit directed by former Funny or Die writer and director Lauren Palmigiano, Regina Hall takes full advantage of her Jameson Desk Decoy to get out of work, because we all know that even when we take approved time off, someone (ahem, your boss) inevitably “forgets.“

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