The Wilder, close to Dublin’s famous Iveagh Gardens and one of the capital’s only residents only townhouses, is set to release its own line of honeys.

Dedicated to sourcing locally, all of the breads served for breakfast and in the light plates presented in the Garden Room to guests throughout the day, comes from one of Dublin’s leading artisan bakeries, Nature de Pain.  The extensive gin list includes many locally sourced gins including Dublin City Gin and the Ha’penny Gin.  Another very special artisan gin, Minke, is produced in West Cork using native Rock Samphire which is harvested by hand and only in season.

Never ones to stand still, the team at The Wilder Townhouse has been looking at additional ways to become even more sustainable and kinder to the environment and have partnered with the Dublin Honey Bee Project, which aims to produce honey from each of the postcodes of Dublin. This summer The Wilder Townhouse is introducing it’s very own Wilder Beehives, which will soon be producing Wilder Bee honey.

The Wilder Bees will annually produce 50 pounds of honey which will be served to guests as part of their commitment to offering local, organic and sustainable cuisine.  The Wilder Bee Honey will be used in pastries, salad dressings, soups and as an accompaniment to the Wilder’s delicious breakfast menu.

Continuing the honey theme, their house gin will be infused with the Wilder Bee Honey giving the gin a gently sweet finish.  It will also showcase in many of their cocktail creations including the Honey Orange Blossom.

General Manager, Barry Francis, said: “We have learned so much from the Dublin Honey Project and Kieran Hartnett its founder, about how important bees are to the environment and we wanted to play our part.  With bee colonies dwindling, it’s important to support the growing movement of bee producers. We also learned that urban honey is highly prized for its flavour as it’s nectar is sourced from a much broader range of plants than it’s rural equivalent, so we have the added benefit of offering our guests a very exclusive, locally produced product as part of their Wilder experience.”

Kieran Hartnett, founder of the Dublin Honey Project, said: “Urban honey isn’t anything new, my grandfather used to harvest honey from the bottom of his garden in Sandyford and passed on his love of bees to me.  It’s great to see this tradition have a resurgence, and thanks to businesses like The Wilder Townhouse embracing this locally produced product, we are getting our messages out about the importance of bees to a much wider audience.”

The Wilder Bee honey will be available, exclusive to guests of The Wilder Townhouse from August.

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