The Oak Room at Adare Manor has been appointed as Ireland’s first Krug Ambassade, joining a global network of ambassadors for the high end Champagne.

Krug was founded in Reims in 1843 by Joseph Krug, and the company’s Ambassade network now links 59 restaurants and hotels across the world and includes Michelin starred chefs, sommeliers and rising culinary stars.

The Krug Ambassador for The Oak Room is Jurica Gojevic, Head of Wines & Beverage at Adare Manor, who was recently awarded the inaugural Sommelier Award 2020 at the Michelin Guide to Great Britain & Ireland ceremony in London. At the same event The Oak Room was awarded its first Michelin star.

As an Ambassade there will be exclusive events to look forward to in The Oak Room at Adare Manor focusing on Krug, bringing one-off dining occasions together with Krug’s Champagnes.

“I remember the first time my palate met Krug Champagne,” said Jurica, “as the experience was truly unforgettable, and straight after my first sip of Krug I added Krug Champagne immediately to my wine list for my guests to enjoy — I knew I had just tasted something very special indeed.”

“I am very proud to have Krug Champagne as part of my wine list in The Oak Room,” continued Jurica, “and enjoy introducing my guests to some of the wonders of the Krug Champagne house. I am looking forward to some extra special events at The Oak Room designed to celebrate this exceptional Champagne.”

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