The Morrison Reducing Waste with Just Water Cartons

The Morrison Hotel is replacing all of the single-use plastic water bottles in every room with 100% recyclable Just Water bottles.

The move will see the hotel’s plastic usage drop by two tonnes annually. The eco-friendly and reusable bottles can be refilled from filtered water dispensers throughout the hotel, encouraging guest to fill and carry their bottle on the move.

Juse Water bottles are 100% recyclable, being mainly composed of 54% paper and 28% plant based plastic. The bottle necks are extra wide for easy filling and there’s even a space for guests to write their name. This simple change delivers many positives, with less fossil fuels used, reduced carbon dioxide and a lower climate impact.

“We’re excited to be ditching single use bottles and giving our guests a more eco-friendly way to hydrate,” said Patrick Joyce, GM, The Morrison. “This is the latest in a series of initiatives under our ‘Love The Earth’ programme and we believe that even small changes can have a big impact.”

Other initiatives by the hotel to reduce its carbon footprint include segregating and recycling of waste and, wherever possible, using LED lighting, recycled paper and plastic, compostable cups and sustainable produce.


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