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The Future of Food Showcased at DIT

The end of April saw the Dublin Institute of Technology MSc in Culinary Innovation and Food Product Development class showcase their new product designs in Cathal Brugha Street.

The competition, featuring both Irish and international students, was opened by the Head of School, Frank Cullen, who said: “These events would not be possible without the engagement of industry with the school,” and continued to thank both staff and students for their hard work.

Over 30 students were in competition at the event showcasing their products – displaying samples, nutritional information, packaging and logos, all of their own design.  Over the years, many products shown at this event have been selected for general retail supply, and links that the school has with industry have enabled students to make their products available nationwide, particularly through wholesale distribution.  Many of the students present were also part of their own start-up companies, showing the level of cutting edge innovation of both students and staff at the school.

One theme that heavily featured throughout the event was the wider demand for vegan and gluten free products, such as vegan rice pudding, vegan nuggets and gluten free pastry cases.  One student also offered a delicious vegan meringue made from unsalted chickpea water, an alternative to traditional egg based ones.

Products with enhanced health benefits also appeared as another prominent topic.  This included other interesting ideas such as a dark chocolate bar with added calcium from eggshells, to be marketed towards those who wish to increase their calcium intake despite being lactose intolerant.

The winner of the Erasmus prize in the school was Colin Mills, with his offering of an avocado spirulina smash dip for the health food market, and MSc winner was Margaret Corcoran with her extremely high quality gourmet sausage rolls, available for both home and retail.

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