The Exchequer Hosting Second Regional Series

The Exchequer Wine Bar and Restaurant in Ranelagh is hosting the second of its Regional Series events, a new food and wine pairing showcase launched in April.

The inaugural French Season was a success and a Spanish Season followed immediately after. The Wine Bar’s sommelier Javier Tena, who hails from Madrid, said: “To get the opportunity to show off some of the dishes from my childhood and free reign to choose beautiful wines to accompany them, I have to say, it was very exciting for me.”

Part two of the Regional Series begins this September with a menu focusing on the simplicity of Italian food and wine. The menu will include Italian staples such as bruschetta, homemade pasta, ossobuco and tiramisu.

October will see a South American theme come from the kitchen with menu items such as ceviche, steak with chimichurru, and dulce de leche, paired with a pisco sour cocktail.

The Regional Series will end with a best of month, giving diners a chance to sample the best dishes from the five seasons throughout November.


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