The Crafty Fox on Dublin’s Camden Row, around the corner from Whelans, has officially opened its doors.

The traditionally styled pub offers everything from old Irish slang inspired cocktails to pints of Guinness and craft beer, as well as a lunch menu.

The cocktail menu was devised with Irish ingredients in mind, such as Werther’s Originals in the Aul Fella whiskey cocktail mix and TK Lemonade in the Away With The Fairies vodka blend. Other cocktails include Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Me Aul Flower, and C’mere Till I Tell Ya.

The bar has a capacity of 120 and will show occasional major sporting events on live TV. For warmer days, the windows in the space open from floor to ceiling. Meanwhile, The Potting Garden features a direct door to Opium’s Botanical Garden.

Venue manager Brian Kennedy said; “The Crafty Fox is a modern interpretation of a great old Irish pub your grandparents would have enjoyed a pint in. Inspired by the fox, we approach all things in the pub with charm and ingenuity. Everything from the drinks menu to the photos on the wall have been carefully chosen with craft, quality and nod to the old Irish snug in mind.”

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