Dublin’s The Bretzel Bakery has announced a partnership with operational optimisation specialists Cognition, which will see the latter’s technology used to reduce waste at the artisan bakery.

The agreement is in line with Bord Bia’s Origin Green initiative and will help The Bretzel Bakery to reduce its utility bills by way of Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

National sustainability programme Origin Green enables producers to showcase their commitment to more intelligent production. Combining live data with cloud-based analytics and reporting dashboards enables real-time performance improvement. This allows smaller, margin-constrained producers to fully exploit their operational data.

For the Bretzel Bakery, automated live data will now be captured in an online Origin Green sustainability report, accessible across the bakery.

Cognition deployed dozens of IoT data-capture sensors in the bakery’s Dublin site, feeding real-time production information into Cognition’s analytics platform. The platform alerts when production falls out of tolerance with pre-determined standards. Alerts target performance anomalies where savings can be made in energy or production quality.

Powered by Cognition, the bakery captures over 30,000 data points every week to help it understand those historically hard to track but expensive issues, such as:

  • Ensuring gas and electricity ovens are being used at times of optimum tariff and national grid efficiency
  • Over-cooling of freezers and efficiency of refrigeration such as catching doors left open
  • Quality of the dough production by intelligently managing both temperature and humidity
  • Consistency of the bakery’s quality standards for temperature, shift patterns and machine use
  • Water temperature tracking to negate the need for additional chilling of water pre-production

The outcome of using intelligent alarming to manage activities is a reduction in operational costs, reduced costs of non-compliance and much more efficient production processes, making the Bretzel Bakery one of the leanest artisan bread bakers in Europe.

William Despard, Managing Director at The Bretzel Bakery, said: “We won’t compromise on the baking process to help us grow our business, instead we use operational intelligence to monitor and analyse performance in real time. This helps us get smarter in how we operate and as we learn, we bake better bread. As an added benefit we’re delighted it’s helping our sustainability credentials as well.”

Thomas McGrath, CEO of Cognition, said: “Food producers are so focused on getting the product out the door they can struggle to find the inefficiencies in production. Fortunately, operational intelligence finds easy wins in energy and water optimisation before targeting the types of production quality improvements that The Bretzel Bakery have embraced. With our operational intelligence platform, we’re unashamed to help The Bretzel Bakery make more dough.”

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