Chef Clodagh McKenna and food historian Dr. Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire were on hand to help launch The Black and White Cookbook, a hardback collection of recipes celebrating Clonakilty’s black and white puddings.

The cookbook features a selection of recipes which have been created by some of Ireland’s leading chefs, food writers and home cooks including Clodagh McKenna, Adrian Martin, Joe Shannon, Lily Higgins and the Gastro Gays. The book includes meal ideas suitable for brunch, lunch, dinner and parties.

Food Historian Dr. Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire contributed a foreword to the recipe book tracing the history and heritage of black and white pudding in Ireland. This explores how, in spite of changing dietary tastes, black and white puddings have remained a staple in Irish homes.

He said: “In Ireland the earliest evidence we have of puddings within the native diet comes from an Irish tale dating back to the eleventh century, which features Corkonian monks and a land made entirely of food. From then, the popularity of puddings grew; and so they became a staple food within Irish culture.

“Clonakilty black pudding dates back to the 1880s and it is wonderful to see the product still enjoyed today. The company has become synonymous with taste and quality ingredients and its strong reputation has seen it immortalised in modern music such as Jimmy Crowley’s song Clonakilty Black Pudding. Over the years its status has been elevated through its use by Irish chefs such as the late Michael Clifford, who proudly championed Clonakilty black pudding on his menu in the late 1980s.”

Chef Clodagh McKenna, who contributed a number of recipes to the book, also designed the canapé menu for the launch event.

She said: “I was delighted to have the opportunity to experiment by creating a range of new recipes for the new book and one of my favourites combines Clonakilty’s famous black pudding with roasted butternut squash, blue cheese and tagliatelle to create a hearty dish, ideal for a winter lunch or dinner.”

Colette Twomey, MD, Clonakilty Food Co., said: “The recipe for Clonakilty black pudding hasn’t changed since the 1880s. Over time we have expanded our pudding offering to include Clonakilty white pudding and our latest Clonakilty veggie pudding which means we now have something to appeal to all tastes.”

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