Tesco’s Buttermilk Carton Packaging Causes a Stir

The image in question.

The image in question.

Aside from being in significant financial difficulties of late, Tesco has caught itself in a bit of hot water with some very suggestive packaging for its cartons of buttermilk.

Spotted by Reddit user AndyBurdens at a Tesco in Terenure, South Dublin, the carton design is more reminiscent of a stylised penis than flowing buttermilk.

A variety of conspiracy theories have popped up concerning the origin of the packaging, with reddit Ireland user Speelingfail claiming: “Tesco subliminally trying to get women pregnant so they can spend all their money on nappies, baby food, blankets and what not.  They also want their loyal customers to reproduce, thus creating a new generation of shoppers.  It’s even above the whipped cream as if to say ‘Hey, why don’t you surprise him tonight?'”

“They really made a cock and balls of this branding,” quipped redditor andyburdens, who snapped the original pic.

Amazingly, the product is still available on Tesco’s website.

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