Tennessee Brew Works Collaborating with Killarney Brewing

Nashville-based Tennessee Brew Works is collaborating with the Killarney Brewing Company, based in Killarney, Co. Kerry, to create two new unique craft beers.

The first of the collaborations took place in Nashville at the end of April, while the second will be hosted in Killarney over the summer.

Brewers from Killarney Brewery travelled to Nashville, to work with Tennessee Brew Works’ brewers on their new collaboration beer, The Foggy Dew, named after the Irish folk song while giving a nod to the hazy style of the beer.

The light bodied, single batch hazy summertime IPA is at 5% ABV, ripe with hop dankness and notes of citrus and tropical fruit. This brew also showcases a base stout malt from Ireland-based Loughran Family Malt, and hops from Crosby Hops, Oregon; both suited for brewing American IPA.

The beer is being sold at Tennessee Brew Works’ tap room during the month of May.

Tennessee Brew Works’ Head Brewer, Matt Simpson, will travel to Killarney Ireland in late July to celebrate their barley harvest and create another grain-to-glass craft beer.

“Our organisations are like-minded in our pursuits of supporting local agriculture and brewing with natural ingredients. We also find that these collaborations are essential to the growth of creativity and knowledge in the global craft beer industry,” says Christian Spears, CEO, Tennessee Brew Works. “We appreciate learning from each other as our brew teams create great beers to enjoy here and across the pond.”


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