One of Ireland’s busiest pubs, The Temple Bar, has recorded operating profits of €5.62m for the year ending October 2018.

According to newly released accounts, Temple Inns Ltd recorded the profits after taking into consideration interest charges of €683,954 and a non-cash gain of €695,850 on the revaluation of an investment property.

The pub is a go-to for tourists in the Temple Bar area, noted for its striking outdoor signage and flower arrangements.

Staff costs increased from €3.43m to €3.87m, while numbers employed rose from 70 to 81.

Company directors Tom and Jackie Cleary increased their renumeration for the year from €324,055 to €337,003.

The group’s accumulated profits now stand at €19.1m, and has a cash pile of €7.55m, up from €4.93m a year previous.

As well as the pub itself, the company also operates an adjacent Distillery Store that sells a range of whiskeys and souveniers. The group also operates Moss and Gray restaurant and Cloud Nine ice cream shop.

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