Street Feast has launched a new initiative called Tea-At-3, a national weekly event that invites people to check-in with their neighbours at 3pm every Saturday.

Tea-At-3 is a physically distant activity that takes place from doorsteps, in separate gardens, over the phone or across a video call. It encourages neighbours to join in, put on the kettle, brew a cup of tea and reach out to each other.

The initiative is part of Street Feast’s Neighbourhood Network, which helps to empower people living in neighbourhoods across the country who are helping others in their smaller or wider immediate areas who may need assistance.

The Tea-At-3 idea was originally created by Helen O’Hara and her neighbours in Rathbawn Drive, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. It answers the question of how to safely support those who are still cocooning in isolation.

Each week Neighbourhood Network will supply a Tea-At-3 theme with some activities to do in the run-up to each Saturday, such as treasure hunts, arts and crafts shows, street galleries, chalk art, and more.

The first week’s theme is simply “Getting Started”.

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