Sypro Launches Hospitality Monitoring Systems

UK-based Sypro has launched a new suite of systems designed to help hospitalty businesses monitor customer numbers in order to help maintain social distancing.

One of the biggest challenges facing economies across the globe is how can bars, clubs, and restaurants reopen with social distancing in mind.

Through solutions offered by Smart Building Technology, hospitality businesses can ensure that spaces are being used in a safe way. Sensors installed through IP camera feeds can monitor spaces through intelligent sensing algorithms ensuring that rooms are not over occupied.

Through a traffic light system, managers can monitor people entering and leaving a venue and if the number of people in a room exceeds safety levels, the system will alert the managers. The system can recognise body shapes but not individuals, so privacy can be maintained.

Jonathan Harlock, Managing Director of Sypro, explained: “The hospitality sector is vital for the UK economy but one of the toughest to monitor. This technology can ensure that sensible precautions are taken to get the industry back on its feet while protecting the health of patrons and staff.”

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