Symphonia No 1 Dry Gin, distilled in Northern Ireland at The Woodlab Distillery, has been awarded a silver medal at this year’s International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC).

Symphonia gin spirits are the brainchild of Dr Ulrich Dyer – a scientist who, after spending 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, began producing gin.

Symphonia No 1 Dry Gin is the first in a collection of three handcrafted Irish spirits, along with Symphonia No 2 Apple Gin and Symphonia No 3 Fruit Cup.

Speaking about the honour at the International Wine & Spirit Competition, Dr Ulrich Dyer said: “The International Wine & Spirit Competition is one of the most prestigious competitions which has been rewarding excellence for over 50 years. For Symphonia No 1 Dry Gin to be announced as the Silver winner is a great honour coming from the IWSC which sets the international benchmark for quality.

“Symphonia No 1 Dry Gin is a beautiful harmony of flavours including basil, rose and dandelion flowers – all grown in the grounds of The Woodlab Distillery.

“I have developed some innovative distillation processes, such as vacuum and microwave distillation, to extract flavours and fragrances from ingredients which would be impossible using traditional pot-still distillation. This gives a wider palette of flavours and this allows a greater complexity and subtlety in the taste of these gins. So this is a great coup for Symphonia Gin and I am absolutely delighted.”

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