Student Orders Takeaway to Remove Spider

A student in Bournemouth, England, who found herself trapped in her house recently thanks to an unwanted spider guarding the door, worked out an ingenious rescue method – by making an order on Deliveroo.

Demi Sweeney was home alone when she realised a large spider was blocking her path to her bedroom, and initially had hoped on friends or neighbours to turn up and deal with the unwanted insect. As time went on and she began feeling hungry, Demi came across a solution via a friend – make an order on Deliveroo, and specify in the delivery notes about the spider blocking her door.

She first contact Deliveroo’s customer service to make sure her plan was above water, and then made an order with KFC.

Twenty minutes later and the order arrived, and delivery man Joe came to the rescue and brushed the spider away from the door. Sadly, after dropping to the floor, the spider was squished and flushed down the toilet.

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