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Irish startup Strikepay is a company born out of the sudden move to a cashless society, brought on by COVID 19.

Oli Cavanagh founded the business with entrepreneur and payments tech expert Charles Dowd.  They quickly realised people didn’t want to use cash, meaning tips to staff in hospitality businesses were dropping.

“People suddenly stopped carrying cash when COVID 19 hit,” said Oli Cavanagh.  “This accelerated the world by around 15 years towards the cashless society. It was expected to happen over a long period, instead it happened almost overnight.”

Both Oli and Charles are no strangers to the tech and finance worlds.  Oli co-founded and AllDataSystems amongst others, while Charles founded Plynk and SoHalo in the past.

In less than a year it has achieved significant traction with customers seeking cashless tips, cashless payments, and cashless donations. Strikepay meets this growing need by offering a simple everyday digital payments solution to a broad range of industries and sectors.

“The response so far has been incredible,” said Oli.  “We have happy customers and owners at West, Hartley’s, Gotham, Pygmalion  and more to come.”

The system enables customers to tip by simply tapping on a server Strikepay card or scanning a QR code on the tables, or point of payment. The customer does not need to download an app or set up an account to use Strikepay, they simply scan/tap where they see the symbol, select an amount and tip the team by Google or Apple Pay, or an alternative card of their choosing.

It also takes the hassle of tip management away from the business owner and into the hands of the team, who can see the tips in real time keeping all transactions transparent and open.

Initial data is showing that the average tip payment is doubling through StrikePay with customers saying it is easy and less awkward to tip.  “It increases tips overnight by anything from 30% to upwards of 200% in some venues,” said Oli.  “It increases income and in turn staff retention.”

*As an introductory offer there is no setup cost to the business and RAi members.  Those receiving tips or payments are charged a monthly admin fee of €1.95 (only if they are actively getting tips).  There is a small transaction cost which the consumer pays 97% of the time so the hospitality staff gets the full tip.

To sign up to Strikepay, click here.

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