Stop Losing Money

With the Vito in tank oil filtration system you can do just that. Rather than spending cash and tying up cash flow on your cooking oil cost, why not keep it for reinvestment in your business? With the Vito in tank oil filter systems you can do just that. A saving of up to 50% on your vegetable frying oil costs and up to 30% on your meat frying oil costs, straight away.

As well as reducing your oil costs, the Vito oil filter system will improve the quality and consistency of your fried foods across the board.

The Vito system is simple to use with minimum fryer down time. Oil is filtered hot and in the fryer tank, so you are not waiting for oil to cool and you are not moving hot oil around your kitchen, the oil stays in the fryer tank and the debris caused by cooking is removed. By removing debris as small as 1/70th the thickness of a hair, the Vito oil filtration system is second to none.

Other benefits include reduced cleaning, as the debris that usually falls to the bottom of the fryer tank will be filtered out making cleaning the fryer tanks a much easier and quicker task.


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