Stillgarden Distillery has launched a new range of portable drink pouches in time for the summer.

Available now from the Stillgarden website and the distillery’s shop these new 500ml products have been made for the Distillers Edition Gin, Boss Lady Gin, Early Harvest Vodka and their best-selling ready to pour cocktails Spent-spresso Martini, Raspberry Soiree and Cosmo.

The pouches are priced from €29 to €35 which includes postage to return your empty pouches for recycling upon request.

The new flexible pouches reduce glass breakages and the overall shipping weight by 67.5% compared to glass bottles, which means less transport emissions. Though durable, the pouches weigh 42% less than the plastic stopper on the glass bottle, which means a lower volume of plastic waste than before. It’s also allowed Stillgarden to cut the packaging required to protect the product down to 0% when compared to glass bottles.

The pouches can be returned to the Stillgarden Distillery by prepaid post or by walking into the Dublin 8 shop – with 1 free 500ml pouch offered for every 10 pouches returned.

As part of the D8 Rebate Campaign, Stillgarden will include a prepaid label upon request so customers can post pouches back for safe and efficient recycling locally at Thorntons material recycling facility. These recycled materials can then be used to produce SRF solid recovered fuel, a replacement for fossil fuels in the production of cement.

The new Stillgarden drink pouches can also be purchased in a “Festival Ready” non-glass Cooler Bag option for €50 which includes one 500ml pouch of choice complete with 4 compostable cups, two 1 litre Schweppes mixers, garnishes and 2 garden tour tickets which includes a complimentary cocktail.

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