Independent Dublin-based distillery Stillgarden has launched the inaugural Cultiv8, a campaign designed to collectively start doing what’s possible for the greater good of society and the planet.

Each week in January from Monday 11th, Stillgarden Distillery will be sharing stories from their community via their website and social pages demonstrating how to create a more sustainable lifestyle through tutorials, recipes, home gardening, healthier products and sustainability tips.

Cultiv8 asks that people forget about breaking old habits, suggesting that this is a month for adopting new, positive ones instead.

Throughout the month of January, Stillgarden invites those within a 5km radius to incorporate the distillery into their exercise route offering free seasonal flower, herb and vegetable seeds and bulbs to anyone who wants them. These can be planted in any bit of earth albeit in the local community, in your back garden or indeed, in the Stillgarden Gardens. Packaged in biodegradable bags, the offering will change daily.

Stillgarden Distillery uses a circular system when it comes to waste to keep it to an absolute minimum. They use spent coffee grinds from local cafe Boom to create a Spent-spresso martini, dehydrated orange peel to create the orange vodka in their Cosmo and last December they used left over fruit in their Xmas Cake Gin which was then used in the Flourless Baker’s ‘gince’ pies. All food waste is made into compost which is used to nurture the plants and botanicals in Stillgarden Distillery’s garden.

Stillgarden has also launched the Social Botanist Project, a growing community of gardeners, botanists, harvesters and foragers or those with an interest to learn. Social Botanists directly influence and advocate for what grows at the Stillgarden Distillery Gardens which are open 24/7, which in turn, directly influences the distilleries flavour possibilities.

The project has already been met with success following the roll out of their flagship gin, Stillgarden Social Gin. Once safe to do so, members can expect foraging trips, seasonal events, Guerilla Gardening and tastings of bespoke distillery produce directly influenced by them. To sign up visit

Stillgarden will continue its successful collaboration with local baker Helena from The Flourless Baker to make an Irish fudge made with Stillgarden O’Maro. The video recipe will be live on the Stillgarden website.

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