Speakeasy Co. (Speakeasy), a leading ecommerce and fulfillment solution for alcohol brands, today announces its partnership with online alcohol technology leader DRINKS.

DRINKS developed a real-time tax and compliance solution integrated directly within Shopify checkout that gives Speakeasy and its partners the tools to help manage complex direct-to-consumer (DTC) rules, eliminating the burden of manual processes while introducing the ability for Speakeasy to create additional efficiencies and automation. Speakeasy can now build out its partners’ ecommerce solutions quickly with hundreds of pre-configured rules, all fully adjustable and automatically updated as rules change, using the same regulatory technology trusted by national wineries, Fortune 20 retailers, and ecommerce marketplaces.

“Speakeasy will be the first non-wine partner using our groundbreaking regulatory technology, expanding our solution to some of the biggest spirits brands in the country,” said Zac Brandenberg, Co-Founder and CEO at DRINKS. “DRINKS’ partnership with Speakeasy is a big step forward for the future of alcohol ecommerce and data transparency for brands.”

“It’s been incredible working with the Speakeasy team and seeing their vision come to life. Their process of combining Shopify, services, and industry knowledge is completely transforming the landscape for alcohol brands looking to sell online currently,” said Adam Andruko, Senior Account Executive at Shopify. “Their work here is looking like a complete win for everyone in the alcohol and spirits space; both brands and consumers alike.”

Speakeasy first erupted into the alcohol space by providing suppliers the ability to seamlessly promote and sell their products online while collapsing the required three-tiered sales in Speakeasy’s backend technology. This model gave beverage alcohol brands the unique opportunity to access new sales channels, new data, and to own customer relationships for the first time, all while staying compliant with the three-tier alcohol regulatory system.

In addition to Shopify’s native reporting tools, DRINKS will allow Speakeasy’s partners to generate detailed reports, including sales, credits, and alcohol volume, to help guide the growth and distribution of their products in new markets.

“We pride ourselves in being the innovators in the industry and are always looking to expand our best-in-class technology stack,” says Michael Bowen, COO and Co-Founder of Speakeasy. “With DRINKS, Speakeasy will be the first platform that spirits suppliers can truly rely on to scale growth. Brands will have tangible consumer, product, and sales data never seen before in alcohol ecommerce.”

DRINKS’ proprietary application will be rolled out to all of Speakeasy’s 280+ partners. Alongside Speakeasy’s technology and fulfillment, beverage alcohol suppliers can now more easily navigate the high growth alcohol DTC sales channel, knowing that they are three-tier compliant in a complex and regulated industry.

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