A new startup company called Space Roasters is planning to use the residual heat generated from reentry from space to roast coffee beans.

In an interview with Room magazine, founders Hatem Alkhafaji and Anders Cavallini said that space is where they needed to go to create the perfect cup of coffee: “Coffee has been roasted the same way for centuries now, and as space science has improved many technologies, we believe it is time to revolutionize coffee roasting using space technology.”

The company claims to have patented what they call a “Space roasting capsule”, in which heat from reentry will be evenly distributed around four cylinders – each containing 75kg of coffee beans. As the beans will be freely floating thanks to the lack of gravity, the roasting process will be a more even process than that possible on earth. The roasting capsule then lands with the aid of parachutes which can then be recovered. “The entire process will last only 20 minutes but will end with a marvelous aroma as the hatch is opened,” the founders told Room magazine.

Space Roasters is yet to disclose a price for the beans, which will largely be determined by the cost of suborbital rocket launches. Rocket Lab is one such company providing suborbital launch services and prices run from $6m a go – meaning these could potentially be the most expensive coffee beans on the planet.

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