Sourced Craft Cocktails has launched its newest innovation in the beverage alcohol sector, called “sampling as a service” (SaaS), to allow for a better experience for consumers, as well as a data-driven approach for off-premise retail and alcohol brands.

Sourced has made its mark on the alcohol industry since its inception in 2015, through its efforts to streamline and innovate when it comes to consumer experience with cocktails.

As the inventor of the Non Premise distribution channel, Sourced has elevated the alcohol sampling experience – this time with off-premise retailers, by offering high-end bar carts, branding, on-site mixologists, and with the alcohol being sampled within a fresh craft cocktail.

Additionally, the benefits to the alcohol brands and retailers are substantial as this new SaaS model collects anonymous data of every consumer who samples the alcohol via proprietary software.

“We are offering better value to consumers through a more luxurious experience in store while adding extraordinary amounts of value for the alcohol brands, who can now track what alcohol is being sampled by whom, what people are favoring, and what their demographics are,” said Tim Angelillo, Founder and CEO of Sourced.

“Gone are the days of alcohol sampling where consumers try a sip of alcohol in a plastic cup, at room temperature, where the retailers and brands have zero visibility as to how their products are performing and which clientele they’re attracting.”

SaaS has already activated over 500 sampling events to date with brands like Fistful of Bourbon, El Silencio Mezcal, and Monkey Shoulder. Currently, Sourced is sampling in seventeen states across the country with a handful of brand partners, with consumers looking to entertain family and friends again.

Sourced plans to continue to expand its SaaS footprint to include its sampling services in 30 states by the end of 2022 as well as grow the team to take on more partners.

“This unique sampling provided by Sourced was incredibly-well received, who created themed cocktails that were absolutely delicious,” said Dan Dennison, Senior District Manager Upstate NY for William Grant & Sons. “The store owner was thrilled with the activation, with multiple bottles pulled almost immediately.”

“We are here to be of service by bringing the alcohol industry into the 21st century while in full compliance with the regulatory environment,” said Angelillo, “Not just for our own benefit, but for all three key stakeholders within the industry and ultimately the consumer.”

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