Whiskey Live Dublin, a large-scale tasting and sampling event, hit the Printworks Venue in Dublin Castle on Saturday 25th of November.

Whiskey Live Dublin, and the Irish Whiskey Awards, are both organised by the Celtic Whiskey Shop. The shop was founded in 2003 and has become the favourite place for Irish whiskey lovers around the world.

Samples included over 50 different brands of whiskey as well as a smaller variety of gin, rum, vodka and also cocktails – not just from Ireland, but from English and Scottish companies beginning to sell into the Irish market. The event also showcased newer whiskeys to the market, as well more established and fan favourite ones.

Guests were treated to a range of chocolate, curries, tartlets and hot drinks to soak up the copious amounts of samples available, offered up by some of Dublin’s most esteemed bars and restaurants. Certainly, the selection on offer has expanded year on year.

The event also had the option of an early session from 1.30pm – 5.00pm, and an evening session from 6.00pm – 9.30pm. There were additional master classes for brands such as Diageo and Bruichladdich for which tickets could be purchased separately.

The well organised and smoothly run event also featured an ever-growing range of other Irish craft spirits and some whiskey barrel aged craft beers. Whiskey Live was intended to be enjoyed by anyone who likes whiskey – from the occasional drinker, to those involved in the Irish drinks trade. Unique offerings available included Coole Sawn, a delicious vanilla chocolate cream liqueur, and the sweet Slingsby rhubarb gin from Scotland.

Aside from distillers there were a number of other companies in attendance, including Whisky Dan, a whiskey subscription service that features a different whiskey from around the world each month, delivered to your home in a gift basket with a magazine and snacks, which aims to give the customer a greater appreciation of whiskey in general. Another popular stand was Vobe Nitro, a canned chilled coffee, which can be consumed on its own or used for coffee-based cocktails.

Tickets cost €42 for the event, €10 of which was donated to Down Syndrome Dublin.

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