Shiner has released a new limited edition hard seltzer, the Juicy Dill Pickle Straight Shooter.

The Texas-founded brand is pushing the boundaries of flavor with this limited release which is made with real pickles from Brewmaster, Jimmy Mauric’s, family recipe. It features a blend of sweet and sour dill pickle with notes of dill, coriander and spice, and each can comes in at 4.5% ABV.

Each can of this special edition seltzer has a QR code on it which will take the user to, where they can ask an all-knowing pickle their burning questions.

“Pickles offer a sense of nostalgia for me. My family has been making them with our very special recipe for years. This pickle-flavored hard seltzer is an ode to that,” said Shiner Brewmaster, Jimmy Mauric. “Not to mention, people either love or hate pickles, it seems there’s no in-between. We’re hoping to convert the pickle naysayers with this limited-edition drink. I guess you’ll just have to try it out for yourself!”

This limited release is available now in a 12oz 6 pack slim can format. SRP $7.99.

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