After joining the Mercantile Entertainment Group in January 2018 as Group Manager, Shane Treacy will now take the helm of one of the country’s largest hospitality groups.

Following a hugely successful year, the highlight of which was reopening Dublin’s Café en Seine venue, Shane will now lead the Group.

Shane has a strong background in hospitality, having cut his teeth in the sector while working with his grandparents in the Ross Hotel, Killarney, from a young age. His mother is the proprietor of a four star and award winning guesthouse and his extended family operate a number of five star hotels in Killarney and Cork, including the Killarney Park Hotel and Hayfield Manor.

Shane turned his head from hotels to bars whilst studying in UCC and after graduating in 1999, he opened The Bailey on Cork’s Washington Street with some friends. They went on to open a number of other successful venues in Cork including Treacy’s Bar in Ballincollig.

Following several years working for the McGettigan family in Dubai as they rolled out over a dozen Irish pubs across the Middle East, Asia and America, he relocated to Dublin to join the Mercantile Entertainment Group.

Speaking about his new role, Shane said: “This is incredibly exciting. It is a chance to head up and be part of a young and dynamic team that can really make its mark on the hospitality sector in Dublin. We have incredible venues, super management and staff and an excellent support network in the central team. I want us to do something special as a group.”

“The Dublin customer is one of the most discerning in the world and we have a chance to meet that demand and exceed expectations. We have successfully achieved that with Café en Seine and we will continue to deliver world-class bar, restaurant and entertainment experiences that are customer centred, right across the group. We have an eclectic mix of venues, but what binds them all together is our focus on our customers.”

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