The ever-present tabletop container of sachets is taking on a new importance and prominence as Ireland’s hospitality sector slowly comes back to life, thanks to renewed interest in single servings and developments in consumer tastes.

Part of it is down to world events over the last 15 months – COVID 19 has placed a focus on individual sachets as they are seen to be more hygienic than other sauce solutions. Another important aspect is developments in new products and consumer demand for more than just ketchup and mayonnaise.

The sachet market in Ireland was worth €3.4m in Ireland 2020, despite prolonged periods of closure. This figure is set to increase massively as the year progresses. Sachet sales spiked significantly when hospitality was open for short periods of time in 2020 and this growth is expected to be repeated over the summer and on into the rest of the year.

Another important aspect playing into sachets is the increase in popularity of restaurant takeaway offerings, click and collect services, and cook at home boxes. All of these proved hugely successful in 2020, keeping businesses afloat, and many restaurants are expected to retain these services as well as running dine-in operations. Operators want to ensure diners at home get as close to a restaurant experience as possible and sachets are vital for this function.

For dine-in guests, operators need to find ways to maintain social distance, minimise contact, yet still create a social atmosphere despite limited capacity.

That’s why Hellmann’s new sachet range is a core part of kitchen operations in 2021. Hellmann’s now offers a comprehensive range of European Vegetarian Union (EVU) certified sachets, including Real Mayo, Tomato Ketchup, Vegan Mayo, BBQ sauce, Brown sauce, Salad cream, Malt vinegar, Tartare, Coleman’s English Mustard and Yellow Mustard, making Hellmann’s a real one stop shop for all your business’s sauce sachet needs.

Sachets now resolutely dominate the front of house category, and more specifically branded sachets as opposed to own label equivalents – 73% of consumers have a better impression of an eating out establishment if they see brands they like. Tellingly, 70% of consumers would be more likely to return to an establishment using brands they like.

It’s amazing to think that two variants, ketchup and mayonnaise, cover 91% of the sachet market. Of that, Hellmann’s Mayo is a proven driver of FOH category growth (FOH mayonnaise grew 7.5% from 2018 to 2019), and is also Ireland’s #1 mayo brand. Yet 81% of consumers agree that it’s good to see a wide range of condiments on the table.

With that in mind, and with plant-based eating on the rise, operators must cater to a wider audience and Hellmann’s new Vegan Mayo sachet is primed to support that. 16.6% of Irish consumers now follow some kind of meat-free diet (be that vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian), 4.1% are vegan and 8% are vegetarian. A significant 6% of out of home experiences now involve vegan food.

Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo is the exact same taste your customers love, now vegan, and available in single serve sachets – a more hygienic option for your business and key for delivery and dining in services. It helps keep safety in front of mind, from the kitchen to the front door.

Whether your business is a restaurant, café, bar, or a dedicated takeaway / delivery service, you can claim free samples by clicking here.

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