Chef Rory Nolan has been unveiled as the new Head Chef of Mountain View, the exclusive events and wedding venue in the heart of south Kilkenny.

Rory, who worked at the Michelin-starred Chapter One restaurant in Dublin and Kilkenny’s Campagne under the renowned chefs Ross Lewis and Garrett Byrne, has spent the last five years as Head Chef of Anocht in Kilkenny’s Design Centre.

Rory’s appointment comes ahead of Mountain View’s reopening on 25th July, with a new emphasis on exclusive dining and boutique weddings.

Rory said of his appointment: “I’m delighted to be joining the team at Mountain View. The setting here is incredible: you can see the land, the livestock – all the ingredients I will be working with in full view in front of us.”

In line with his own food philosophy, Rory says the fare at Mountain View will be of the highest quality, but not complicated. He said: “Great Irish food using great Irish produce – the very best country food that caters for everyone.”

Rory, a father of two young children, grew up in Ballyfoyle and now lives in Kilkenny city. He attended Muckalee national school and CBS Kilkenny before going on to study engineering at the University of Limerick.

He worked for a time at Eden restaurant in Dublin’s Temple Bar before heading north of the Liffey to Chapter One and fellow Kilkenny man, Garrett Byrne, who would later bring the first Michelin star to his home city at Campagne.

Now Rory finds himself at Mountain View, where he has discovered kindred food spirits in owners Michael O’Neill and Bee O’Grady. Michael and Bee said they are “thrilled” to confirm Rory’s appointment as Head Chef, adding his ‘farm-to-fork’ philosophy strongly chimes with their approach in working closely with local producers.

Rory and his team will grow much of their own produce on the grounds of the venue, further underlining Mountain View’s climate-friendly ethos and commitment to sustainability.

He added: “Kilkenny has really grown in terms of its food offering over the past 10 to 15 years and is right up there in terms of quality. Everyone in the industry, of course, is facing a big challenge over the coming weeks, but we should be very proud of our food and service we provide. Ireland produces the best lamb, meat and diary in the world and we should have confidence that our food offering and restaurants are as good or better than anything you would find on the international scene.”

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