Company opened Irish office in late 2014.

Company opened Irish office in late 2014.

Deliveroo (, the food delivery service that promises to bring high-quality local restaurant meals to your door in less than 32 minutes, has officially launched its services in Dublin.

As part of its European expansion, Deliveroo will roll out its services in Dublin 2, 4 and 6; with plans for further expansion in the summer. In contrast to other online ordering services such as JustEat and Marvin, Deliveroo employs drivers directly and uses a proprietary technology to connect restaurants with customers at home.

It is currently recruiting drivers and has partnered with high profile restaurants for its full service, home-delivery solution. This follows a €22m second round investment, participated by Irish entrepreneur, Dylan Collins.

Deliveroo established its Irish office in late 2014 and has recruited a team from high profile companies such as Amazon, Hailo and the Dublin Web Summit. Last week, Deliveroo was named as one of Forbes’ 25 Next Billion-Dollar Startups on its inaugural list.

“The Irish launch is a major milestone for us, and the natural first choice for Deliveroo,” said Anis Harb Country Manager at Deliveroo. “Since we launched in the UK, we have seen a massive pickup of our services in London and regional UK cities, with a customer base of around 100,000. Given Ireland’s burgeoning foodie culture, we see major untapped potential for Deliveroo to bring high quality food to customers whether at home or in the office.”

The company has already signed up several high profile restaurants in the central Dublin area, including Bellucci’s, La Reserve Brasserie, Diep Le Shaker, Unicorn and more.

“Working with Deliveroo extends our ability to deliver high quality food to customers beyond our premises, increase revenue and grow customers without having to change a single element of our operation,” said Shane Mitchell, owner, Asador. “Deliveroo takes care of the ordering and delivery infrastructure, and allows us to focus on making great food. With Deliveroo’s functionality, we can simply turn on an entire ordering and delivery service when we need to without concerns about additional overheads for our business.”

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