Reserve with Google Heralds a New Age for Restaurants

ResDiary’s partnership with Google seats 750,000 guests. Is it time you joined the booking revolution?

Since launching their partnership with Google in June, online reservation system, ResDiary, has seated 750,000 diners through the platform, and say bookings through Reserve with Google heralds a new age for restaurants.

Consumer tastes change constantly, something that’s particularly true in hospitality. The last decade has seen the advent of online reservations, digital feedback, and every food trend imaginable. And as diners demand more tech-friendly approaches, restaurants move away from phone reservations and traditional booking platforms to accommodate them.

One of the main ways of doing this is by accepting bookings where diners want to make them. According to global statistics site, StatCounter, 92.5% of all online searches happen on Google. Customers have been able to book flights, hotels, and beauty appointments on Google for a while, and this function was recently extended to restaurant booking systems, including commission-free booking system, ResDiary. Diners search Google, see available tables, and book directly from Search or Maps.

For operators who use commission-based providers, this has cover charges of around €2. However, as it’s free for ResDiary users, their bookings haven’t cost a thing. (As opposed to over half a million Euro if you were using systems with cover charges.)  And because ResDiary’s integration with Reserve with Google links to live diaries, their availability is current, taking into account rules and limitations.  

William Barry, ResDiary’s Ireland Sales Manager, commented: “As the Irish food scene continues growing in popularity, the hospitality industry has to keep up with consumer’s needs. As ease of reservation and mobile-first bookings continue to be important to consumers, restaurateurs are getting better at facilitating these.

“People aged 18-34 eat out more than any other demographic and demand the most from technology. And with ResDiary’s free partnership with Google, operators can tap into this market and continue providing great Irish hospitality to locals, tourists, and business people.”

Venues can also link ResDiary to smart EPOS systems like Pixelpoint, idealpos, CES Software, and more, providing improved customer experiences. Hotels can connect ResDiary to their PMS too, further enhancing customer journeys. Less time spent processing reservations across multiple systems means more time with guests, providing excellent experiences and higher chances of returning.

Get in touch with the ResDiary team now to get connected and enjoy free bookings through Reserve with Google.


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