Dublin’s Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud recorded its best year ever in 2017, according to newly filed accounts.

Accounts for Becklock Ltd show that profits for the year ending August 2017 rose by almost €400k, with accumulated profits coming in at €1.2m. Profits in 2016 amounted to €210,458.

Restaurant manager Stéphane Robin said that “2017 was fabulous and this year, it looks like it will be better again”.

Mr. Robin teased the potential of the operation picking up a third star: “Hopefully, we are not too far away from the third Michelin star we have been chasing for a long time. It is a dream and we always work at it.”

The restaurant, housed in the five star Merrion Hotel, is the only one in Ireland to hold two Michelin stars and has been in operation since 1981. The restaurant closed in early 2016 for extensive refurbishments, with €800k being spent on the kitchen alone.

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