Over the past year, Vicar Street owner Harry Crosbie has worked on upgrading the iconic Dublin venue.

From a new mural on the main bar wall featuring award winning local singer Imelda May, amongst others, to new flooring in the auditorium, the venue has seen a major refresh. The latest addition is a first for the famous venue – Pizza by Pram.

Speaking on the announcement, Harry said: “Next door to Vicar Street, Lab makes delicious woodfired sourdough pizzas but he only has one table. We have 50 tables in an empty, well ventilated room literally 3 meters away, so I thought we could do something together that would be fun – hence delivery by pram.

“And so for a limited period we are offering two pizzas and 2 pints or 2 glasses of wine for €35 on Friday and Saturday between 12 – 6, and we will see how we go. An extra incentive is that every day we will raffle a pair of tickets to a gig at Vicar Street.”

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