Pint Drinking Pup Spotted in Belfast

A pint drinking pet dog has caught the imagination of the internet recently, after an alert commuter spotted the perfect photo moment while travelling on the bus.

Jake Pulford snapped what appears to be a Shiba Inu taking a sip of its owner’s beer outside the Errigle Inn on the Ormeau Road, in central Belfast. The cheeky pup looked left and right, presumably making sure its owner wasn’t around, before taking sips from the glass.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Jake said: “I heard some laughter near me on the bus and I looked out and saw a dog propped up on a table guarding a pint. It kept looking around, checking if the coast was clear, then went for the pint several times. It didn’t look like its owner was nearby – they must have went back into the pub briefly.”

The picture was shared on Facebook and quickly spread, attracting tens of thousands of likes in a short time.


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