Early in May saw Irish-based Italian artisan food importer and distributor Del Gusto host a number of tasting events in Supervalu stores in Dublin and Cork.

The Del Gusto collection consists of the ingredients Italians themselves have enjoyed for generations, and are available on the shelves of grocery stores and speciality food shops across Italy.  Owner and managing director Anna Coleman personally sources the products, focusing on smaller and more traditional producers.

She said: “Italian food is simple, healthy and delicious. It’s an integral part of the Italian lifestyle, allowing us an opportunity to gather together. If we are not eating, we are talking about food. Food is about storytelling and as such the story behind each product is important.”

Like all products selected by Del Gusto, Pasta Rummo fits perfectly with this philosophy. Hailing from Benevento, Rummo is a family business that uses the best produce from the Sannio Valley to make pasta the traditional way.

As a result of the Lenta Lavorazione® method, Rummo’s production process respects the rhythm of nature allowing longer time to make the dough, guaranteeing a higher protein content and consequently a pasta that holds its shape and texture superbly when cooked. It is the only pasta chosen by the Italian Chef Federation and that holds an official certification for its cooking performance.

What stands out for Pasta Rummo is the certification process itself, the French testing Company Bureau Veritas, giving the products a very important seal of approval. According to Andrea Amadio of Pasta Rummo: “The approval is important as it shows the product can act well.  It is an acknowledgement and confirmation that this is a high quality pasta.”

It is only by achieving certain results through very specific testing parameters that accreditation is given, and these are completed during after both stages of ‘double-cooking’ to ensure pasta can keep its shape and be served el dente.

The pasta itself used by Pasta Rummo in all its products has a very high protein content of about 14.5%, in comparison to high ranking competitors using about 12.5% drum wheat semolina.  The patented technology of Lenta Lavorazione also adds to the high quality, using both Teflon and Bronze dyes that enables the pasta to stay firm and not allow it to become waterlogged or overcooked.

[quote_box_center]For more information on Pasta Rummo, visit www.pastarummo.it/en – for more information on Del Gusto, visit www.delgusto.ie.[/quote_box_center]

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