Foodservice distributor Pallas Foods, which has been part of the Sysco Group since 2009, has rebranded as Sysco Ireland.

The business has seen significant growth in recent years across the island of Ireland, supported by investment of €20m in the expansion and refresh of its delivery fleet and continued transformation of the company’s ecommerce platforms and IT infrastructure. This investment includes an €8m upgrade of the company’s existing site in Newcastle West and the opening of a new facility in Cork in 2020.

Sysco Ireland has also announced plans to invest in two new facilities in Galway and Belfast, to support future growth ambitions.

Peter Jackson, Sysco Ireland CEO, said: “In 2018 we began the brand migration journey which then accelerated significantly over the last twelve months. While there will be a new logo on our trucks, the values of our business and the legacy of always putting the customer first will not change. We create solutions for customers, we are committed to helping them be a success.”

The company unveiled a number of supports across 2020 for customer businesses impacted by COVID 19 restrictions. These included a partnership with Flipdish to help on-trade customers move to a takeaway model, as well as offers of 10% off online orders coinciding with reopening periods in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Sysco has reintroduced this offer for customers as indoor dining reopens in Northern Ireland and outdoor dining in the Republic of Ireland.

Peter Jackson added: “We will continue to support local jobs across Ireland, both directly in our workforce, and by sourcing 70% of our products from Irish suppliers, many of which are family-run or smaller artisan businesses. Our new online platform Sysco Store gives these businesses a great virtual shop window on which they can tell their story, market their products and promote their brands.

“We are looking forward to welcoming more people to the Sysco team in Ireland across 2021 and beyond.”

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