Oriel Sea Salt has become first sea salt company globally to secure a Global Food Safety Initiative Accreditation (GFSI) to FSSC 22000 (Using ISO22000 & ISO/TS 22002-1).

Oriel is also the only Irish sea salt to hold a PDO (EU Protected Designation of Origin status) is certified by the Organic Trust for use in organic products, certified by Origin Green for sustainability, and is Kosher certified.

Oriel Sea Salts strong taste profile allows for up to 25% sodium reduction when used as a food ingredient, exceeding the EU Framework target of 16% reduction. Darren Harris, National Culinary College, TUD, said: “We found it to be very good, I was able to reduce salt down by 25% on average without difficulties in processing. I found it to be of good flavor and it had a clean taste. That said we really liked the breads that had a high level of your sea salt also!”

Oriel Sea Salt is a naturally fine, powder like grain so it dissolves and disperses rapidly making it suitable as an ingredient with no additives. It is harvested in a patented manner ensuring its flavour profile is retained and enhanced with more minerals and less sodium, making it the healthier option.

Available as free flowing, natural or whiskey smoked, Oriel supplies to leading food manufacturers including Waterford Blaa, Glenillen butter, Grenade protein bars, Schweppes tonics, Morellis Ice cream, Blanco Nino tortillas, O’Donnells Crisps and Clogherhead Sea Salt Simply Better Crisps.   Oriel also supplies many leading restaurants and hotels, from Chapter One to the Merrion and Lough Erne.

Ross Lewis of Chapter One said: “It’s not until you taste this sea salt that you realise how clean and pure its flavour could and should be. And it’s Irish, we should all be using it.”

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