12 trade associations and 429 individual businesses from Ireland’s hospitality sector have today written to the Taoiseach expressing significant concerns about the current Irish response to COVID19.

The group is concerned that the response is centred on restricting economic activity to a much greater extent than any other country in Europe, including full or partial closures of non-food pubs, and much harsher international travel restrictions than our European neighbours.

The letter is co-signed by 216 hotels, 115 pubs and bars, 52 companies from the event sector or that supply the drinks and hospitality sector, 19 alcoholic drinks suppliers, 27 food and non-drinks suppliers and 12 trade associations on behalf of their entire membership.  The companies that signed the letter together employ thousands of people in Ireland.

The letter says that many businesses operating in the hospitality sector are being constrained disproportionately. Alongside the impact for the businesses in question, the consequences of overly restrictive measures will reach deep into the Irish economy.

The letter urges the Government to look to best practice internationally and to countries that have managed to keep their experience economy sector open while at the same time taking clear and targeted approaches to controlling the spread of the disease in communities.

It also calls for a much more targeted set of measures and supports for the sectors most impacted by COVID, and its restrictions.

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